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Partner-to-Partner (P2P): Rewards & Challenges

With the ever increasing pace of change in today's technology world, getting things done through partnership is a must. Building and executing on great partnerships allows the parties involved to take advantage of opportunities and grow and prosper in ways that they could not by going it alone.

But creating great partnerships can be very challenging. SMART P2P was created to help companies build plans to overcome these challenges so that they can take their partnership initiatives to the next level.

What is SMART P2P?

SMART P2P is a framework for helping companies successfully pursue their partnership journeys. These journeys start with establishing trust, move through one or more pivotal transformations, and reach their desired state when the partnership is executing on what it was formed to accomplish.

To successfully make the journey from trust, to transformation, to execution, the SMART P2P framework calls for planning around five key dimensions of partnering: Sales, Marketing, Agreements, Readiness, and Technology.

"Working with the SMART P2P model, we were able to revitalize our partner program to drive big results for the company. With the hands-on workshop and planning, prioritization process, and coaching support from Diana and Shann, I was able to launch the program months faster than I originally expected."

  — Alex Rosen, Partnership Manager, PowerReviews

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Diana Kreklow

Diana Kreklow

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Shann McGrail

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